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What Changes And What Stays The Same

What Changes And What Stays The Same

Rachel what changes stays same

We have a full staff retreat every year in January and it is always a really great time for us to connect as a team, review what worked in the past year and what we’d like to do differently this year, and take some time to share new ideas from the field.  I am one of Heller’s boomerang staff members (someone who left the company and returned at a later point), and they let me write the blog post this year to share my perspective on what our retreat looks like after having been gone a few years. Several people asked me through the week “How does retreat compare to those from before you left?” My answer: it was both pleasantly familiar and inspiring in whole new ways. The general feel of the retreat – the comradery amongst the team, the humor and productive-but-not-stuffy nature of the meetings – was very much the same. But the content of what we talked about was deeper and smarter and more focused than I think it ever has been.

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