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Reporting Is Not Analytics

Reporting Is Not Analytics


Take a moment to read that title again: Reporting Is Not Analytics. We wanted to get that out in the open right away. If you’ve been reading our site, you may have noticed that Heller Consulting works with CRM strategy and technology. You may have also noticed that we share and present at many of the nonprofit events and conferences throughout the year. This means we get to talk to many people in the nonprofit community about CRM, the data an effective CRM contains, and the variety of ways that data can benefit an organization. Once thing we’ve noticed is when we start to talk about analytics, many people happily tell us something like, “Oh yes, analytics are important to us. I get daily reports from this or that department and a weekly summary from these departments, and each quarter we roll everything up into org-wide summary reports.” “That is super!” we say, and then we are compelled to politely clarify, “…but it’s important to understand that reporting is not analytics. Reporting is a form of analytics, but a “light” version as practiced by most organizations.”  It’s the confused looks combined with the next several minutes of the discussion that inspired this post and the ones to follow in the coming months. We hope they help clarify some of the ideas and concepts surrounding analytics and business intelligence.

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