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Preparing for Changes at Make-A-Wish®

Preparing for Changes at Make-A-Wish®


As I sat in the lobby waiting to meet our client for the first time, I read through some of the brochures on the coffee table.  There was also a photo album that told their origin story.  After thumbing through it, I had to quickly wipe my tears before I walked in to our first meeting.  I’ll never forget that first visit at Make-A-Wish America, and the many visits after. I quickly learned that from local chapters to the national headquarters, everyone is truly passionate for the work they do.  They have to be. There’s a lot of work, logistics, and uncertainties the team has to deal with when granting one wish to a child. In fact, that is how we started working together. They felt their processes had too many steps, too much paperwork, and took too long to grant a wish. They wanted to be more efficient so they could grant more wishes to more children, and asked us if we could help.

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