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Creating an Exceptional Experience

Creating an Exceptional Experience

Creating Exceptional Experiences Nonprofit

When was the last time a company provided you with an exceptional customer experience?

This year I finally achieved one of my personal goals and joined a new gym.  I’d never registered for a fitness class quite like this, and had anxiety well before I first walked in the door.  Fortunately, the gym knows how important it is to serve first timers and they’ve invested in process and systems to make each first time visit a success. From their informative website to in-person communication, they strive to create a welcoming experience. The first time I arrived, the front-desk reception and my new trainers all knew I was just starting the program and were ready to get me up to speed!  I got exceptional attention and instructions on how to get started, and the email survey I received directly after the class inquired about how it could be even better.

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