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Case Study: National Parkinson Foundation
Case Study: JDRF
Case Study: National Brain Tumor Society
Case Study: Canadian Cancer Society Engagement Center

Case Study: National Parkinson Foundation

For years, the National Parkinson Foundation has operated a toll-free phone number for general inquiries. With an estimated 600 calls per month and no process for tracking call results, NPF realized they were missing an opportunity to better understand and support their constituents.

“We know that data-rich conversations take place on helplines, and we needed to be capturing and analyzing that information in a protected online environment to improve our services,” said Adolfo Diaz, Deputy Director of Patient Services at NPF.

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Case Study: JDRF

With a national office and 110 chapters and branches, JDRF had dozens of disparate technology systems — including spreadsheets, databases, and online marketing tools.

After multiple attempts to implement CRM were unsuccessful, JDRF turned to Heller Consulting to lead system design, configuration and the overall project. The Heller team helped JDRF:

  • Create a CRM strategy and system design to get the project back on track
  • Extend their use of beyond fundraising to program management, volunteer management, and more
  • Created documentation and training materials and provide ongoing services when JDRF needs an extra hand with training, project management, and system administration

Download the case study now to read more about how JDRF and Heller worked together to successfully implement an organizational CRM and how it impacted the organization.

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Case Study: National Brain Tumor Society

In 2008, the National Brain Tumor Foundation in San Francisco merged with The Brain Tumor Society in Boston to become one organization under the name National Brain Tumor Society. As a result, the newly formed NBTS needed to merge their two databases and get their fundraising processes in sync and turned to Heller Consulting.

Heller Consulting helped NBTS:

  • Align their fundraising and communications operations
  • Develop business processes so users from multiple departments can track important data while protecting sensitive donor information
  • Coordinate major donor cultivation practices within the structure of the combined fundraising database
  • Move databases and systems to the Salesforce platform CRM so data and processes would be available through web browsers regardless of the computer platform
  • Streamline the patient services and call center processes

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Case Study: Canadian Cancer Society Engagement Center

As a national community-based organization, the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan (CCSSK) needed a robust system that could more effectively connect its participants, donors, volunteers and cancer survivors. Facing a short timeline, Heller and CCSSK combined resources to upgrade several areas of the organization.

  • Converted the “Reminder for Life” program from a manual administered process to an automated program, saving time and effort of organization staff
  • Established a full Salesforce Communities site with custom branded destination page to allow volunteers to share information throughout the year
  • Designed and developed internal workflows, escalation rules and processes for call center operations to streamline and standardize operations across the department
  • Created documentation, knowledge base, and consistent onboarding Action Plans to train and organize new team members to be up and running efficiently
  • Built the underlying workflows, content, and message templates and triggers needed to deliver the detailed Engagement Journey in conjunction with their peer-to-peer fundraising system
  • Implemented processes to create a robust two-way communication channel to keep constituents interested and engaged all year.

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